Sustainable data communication for the benefit of the planet

Westermo network solutions helps to provide a reliable supply of electricity and water to our homes, ensures safe and reliable public transportation, and keeps many other services we rely on every day available. As we strive towards a greener and smarter future, we are committed to reducing our own environmental impact, as well as developing robust and resilient technology that can contribute to the sustainability goals of others.

Long service life

Our products are developed for maximum service life and minimal energy consumption. We state 10 years service life, but it is not uncommon for Westermo products to work flawlessly for as long as 30 years.

Extended lifetime

We develop technologies that can be used to extend the life of existing systems, which contributes to lower environmental impact and sometimes large financial savings.

Remote access

We develop solutions for secure and efficient system control and maintenance of remotely located assets. This contributes to fewer maintenance trips.

Green industries

We specialise in developing products for 'green' industries such as train, railways, traffic optimisation and renewable electricity. Our technology helps these industries to become more efficient.

Documents and certificates

File Name Category File Type Description
Westermo ISO 14001:2015 Certificate|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo-iso-14001-certificate.pdf|{4F79E031-9BFE-4BAB-8BEF-18FB5A6688E0}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo-iso-27001-certificate.pdf|{A06ED731-BA77-4D8A-9CEC-43060FF47465}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo ISO 9001:2015 Certificate|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo-iso-9001-certificate.pdf|{6FCC0611-9FFE-4293-9243-8FE7AB0159DB}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo Code of Conduct|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo-code-of-conduct.pdf|{AADFCBA0-868F-45D4-9AAC-5504AF378B6E}|False Corporate pdf The Code of Conduct applies to all Westermo legal entities globally.
Westermo Enviromental Policy|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo-environmental-policy.pdf|{6B474F86-DCF9-4476-9B6C-C9EA500F311D}|False Corporate pdf
Beijer Group Sustainability Report 2022|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/beijer-group-sustainability-report-2022.pdf|{A66ECDA5-CE20-4124-99F5-BCF0E4D0F34C}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo Environmental Report 2021|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo-environmental-report-2021.pdf|{94308C97-07E0-4173-B4AD-BE9689D8238C}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo Environmental Report 2020|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo-environmental-report-2020.pdf|{BF4C379D-B55D-41DE-86A7-AD591E3F8BA3}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo conflict minerals statement|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/Westermo-Conflict-minerals-statement.pdf|{0DAD6A61-51C7-4E26-A9FD-60ED1BEE516D}|False Corporate pdf This document confirms Westermo's commitment to avoiding conflict minerals
Declaration of conformity, REACH - Redulation (CE) nO 1907/2006|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo_doc_reach.pdf|{1251BB5E-0138-4883-B67D-AEF88C5478C9}|False Corporate pdf
Declaration of conformity, RoHS-3 Directive (2015/863/EU)|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo_doc_rohs.pdf|{A6F5DCB8-92E9-42C1-B1E4-4A8060974188}|False Corporate pdf
Declaration of conformity, US TSCA PBT|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/westermo_doc_tsca.pdf|{1A4FBBA7-E684-4359-AD52-4A3D3BC568D5}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo Neratec ISO 9001:2015 certificate|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/Neratec_ISO9001_IQNet_Certificate_en-1.pdf|{2CC5A7E4-5FF1-4E22-93EC-C51A2C9FD8CE}|False Corporate pdf
Westermo Neratec IRIS rules:2017 certification|/-/media/Files/Corporate-and-sustainability/Neratec_ISOTS22163_Certificate_en.pdf|{4CE9888F-C37C-41CC-A137-578E611EC371}|False Corporate pdf

Customer success stories

There are many customer examples where Westermo solutions are used in systems developed for reducing carbon footprint, extending the liftime of existing assets and improving efficiency.

Our sustainability policy guides us in our daily work

Our ambition is to reduce the environmental impact of our operations as far as possible. For this reason, we have created a environmental policy that guides us in our daily work, which includes:

  • Environmental training to our employees 

  • Personal responsibility that environmental aspects are always considered

  • Clear environmental targets for all aspects of the business

  • Environmental commitment from our suppliers

  • Environmental aspects considered before investments

  • Compliance to all environmental laws and authority requirements

Download the Westermo Environmental Policy

Nuri Shakeer

International sales

Ask me about our work with sustainability

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